IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Circular Saw Blades

IRWIN Marples Circular Saw Blades

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IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Circular Saw Blades Features:

At the heart of quality craftsmanship lies the rich heritage of Marples® woodworking tools. Originating in 1828 in
Sheffield, England, the Marples® brand has consistently stood for superior performance and ultimate precision in
fine woodworking.

Marples® is traditionally famous for chisels and synonymous with high-quality woodworking tools. The new range of Circular Saw Blades made in Udine, Italy uses best-in-class manufacturing capabilities and processes giving a range fitting of the Marples®
  • LIFE, DURABILITY, SHARPNESS Carbide is larger and tougher than standard carbide for 3x longer life, also resharpenable
  • ACCURACY, CLEAN CUT Laser cut blade body for straighter, cleaner cuts
  • ACCURACY, CLEAN CUT Precision Tensioning for Greater Accuracy
  • SMOOTH FEEL, NO BINDING, COATING Special coating with aluminum flakes helps to dissipate heat for smooth, cool cuts
  • Triple Chip Grind tooth (TCG) for excellent finish of the cut
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Item #DescriptionCategoryDiameterTooth
Kerf ThicknessTooth
1897453HPP 216mm/24TStationary/Miter21624302.5ATB/N
1897454HPP 216mm/48TStationary/Miter21648302.5ATB/N
1897455HPP 216mm/60TStationary/Miter21660302.5ATB/N
1897456HPP 250mm/48TStationary/Miter25048302.5ATB/N
1897457HPP 250mm/60TStationary/Miter25060302.5ATB/N
1897458HPP 250mm/80TStationary/Miter25080302.5HI-ATB/N
1897459HPP 254mm/48TStationary/Miter25448302.5ATB/N
1897460HPP 254mm/60TStationary/Miter25460302.5ATB/N
1897461HPP 254mm/80TStationary/Miter25480302.5HI-ATB/N
1897462HPP 260mm/48TStationary/Miter26048302.5ATB/N
1897463HPP 260mm/60TStationary/Miter26060302.5ATB/N
1897464HPP 260mm/80TStationary/Miter26080302.5HI-ATB/N
1897465HPP 305mm/48TStationary/Miter30548302.5ATB/N
1897466HPP 305mm/60TStationary/Miter30560302.5ATB/N
1897474HPP 250mm/24TStationary/Table & Mitre25024303.2ABT
1897475HPP 250mm/40TStationary/Table & Mitre25040302.5ABT
1897476HPP 250mm/60TStationary/Table & Mitre25060303.2ABT
1897477HPP 250mm/80TStationary/Table & Mitre25080303.2ABT
1897478HPP 300mm/24TStationary/Table & Mitre30024303.2ABT
1897479HPP 300mm/48TStationary/Table & Mitre30048303.2ABT
1897480HPP 300mm/60TStationary/Table & Mitre30060303.2ABT
1897468HPP 216mm/84TMulti21684302.5TCG/ N
1897469HPP 250mm/84TMulti25084302.5TCG/ N
1897470HPP 254mm/84TMulti25484302.5TCG/ N
1897471HPP 260mm/84TMulti26084302.5TCG/ N
1897472HPP 300mm/96TMulti30096303.2TCG
1897473HPP 305mm/100TMulti305100302.5TCG/ N